Skunks Are Great To Have Around

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Those lovable skunks, with their distinct white on black markings, are actually great to have around. Seriously. I'm not saying you should let them take up residence under your deck, porch, or shed, but you might be surprised to know how they benefit you. Plug your nose and read on.

The Good

It was once believed that the only good pest was a dead pest. But modern pest control companies understand that pests can actually be beneficial, when managed properly.

You may not be aware of this, but those stinky skunks pose no threat to your home, and they munch on other creatures that are. If you have a healthy skunk living near your property, or passing by on your lawn, it will reduce the number of rodents chewing on the wood of your home. That is good news, because rodents can be a fire hazard in the walls of your home and spread illness to your family.

If you want a healthy lawn, skunks can help there too. They love grass destroying grubs and can eat a large number of them. That makes them beneficial to farmers, gardeners, and homeowners, when properly controlled.

The Bad

Obviously, the smell of this critter is an issue. But most skunks won't spray unless they are threatened or marking their territory. The goal with proper skunk control is to not allow skunks to think your home is their territory. Here are some tips.

  • Put wire fencing around your deck, porch, patio, or shed, to keep skunks from getting under there and making a home.

  • Don't vent your laundry dryer exhaust in the crawl spaces under your home, deck, or porch. These are inviting, especially in winter.

Skunks can also pose a danger to your vegetable garden or fruit trees. This is easily fixed with a little fencing. A two foot fence will keep skunks out.

Fencing is also a good idea for protecting pets. If you let pets run free on your property, you may want to be proactive about not having skunks around at all.

Skunk Removal

If a skunk has already chosen to live somewhere on your property, it is time to call a pest control company. They can safely trap and remove the skunk pest for you. But be sure to ask if they offer skunk deterrent services and whether or not they do structural modifications. Removing a skunk is only half the job. It is okay if those skunks pass through, but you want to make sure you don't get any more skunks choosing your property to live on.

Proper skunk control with get those skunks working for you, instead of against you. Let them eat the rodents that eat your house and make your family sick. Let them get the grubs that damage your lawn. But keep them out of your garden, and out from under your home, deck, porch, and shed. Then, maybe you might feel differently about those little stinkers. Maybe.

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