Preventing Pests at Summer Camp

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The famous song by Alice Cooper, explains this time of year perfectly, “School's out for summer!” As teachers, kids and bus drivers are thrilled for summer vacation, most parents are wondering what to do with the kids. For some children headed to summer camp may be in their future, while others not so much. For children off to summer camp, there are pests to keep an eye out for.

Before welcoming your child home with open arms from camp, perform a post-camp inspection before that big hug or kiss. The likelihood of transporting a pest infestation home is possible and with simple tips it can be avoided or caught early according to The Examiner.

  • Provide your child with garbage bags to place clothing. At the end of their stay, having them place all their items in the bag and seal tightly.
  • When you meet your child, place their belongings in a garbage bag sealed tightly until arriving home. Unpack luggage in garage.
  • When the kids get home, place their clothes in washer immediately. Let them shower too; they might be a little stinky after camp anyway.
  • Perform an insect check. Look for ticks, lice and bed bug bites.
  • Wash any articles that were brought home. Wash on the hottest setting and place in dryer on hottest temperature for a minimum of an hour
  • For items that cannot be washed, vacuum thoroughly focusing on the cracks, crevices and place vacuum bag/canister in a bag in the outside trash.

Although this may seem over the top, or unnecessary these simple tips can help prevent pest infestations from coming home. A little extra work could pay off in the long run.

Once your child is home, over the next month periodically look for these signs:

  • Watch for a newly developed rash or bites appearing on your child's body.
  • Keep a lookout for any itchy, red bites that may appear in groups of two, three or more.
  • Inspect your child’s bed, mattress and surrounding areas for signs of bed bugs that might appear.

If you find anything concerning, contact your local pest management company for a visual inspection or even a bed bug inspection performed by a specially trained dog, like Albanys bed bug dog, Promise. Sending a child away for summer camp can be scary for both, parents and children. Camp allows children to grow and explore, while creating memories they will hold on for a lifetime. Don’t let their stories surrounding around pests, contact your Capital Region family owned pest management provider for advise or suggestions.

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