Prevent Unwanted Pests with Proper Landscaping

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This is the time of year, Albany pest control companies remind homeowners they can prevent unwanted pests in and around their home. How you ask? Many homeowners spend this time of year in their yards, planting, pruning, and caring for their landscapes. It is important to be aware of how landscaping affects pest populations.

Keep your landscaping looking great, while preventing unwanted insects:

Remove standing water.

Moisture around your property will attract unwanted insects, like mosquitoes, centipedes and millipedes. Make sure sprinklers are positioned away from the home to avoid moisture buildup in the home. Survey your property for stagnant water in flower pots, garage pails, bird baths and gutters to prevent breeding areas for pests.

Proper functioning gutters.

Keeping your gutters clean is very important. Without functioning gutters, moisture will build up creating moisture and water around your home. Not only does this attracted unwanted pests, but it can damage your home.

Maintain your lawn.

Do not allow insects to hide and thrive in tall grass. Mowing your lawn on a regular basis not only is ascetically pleasing, but reduces insect harborage areas.

Trim trees and shrubs.

Shrubs touching the ground or home provide hiding places for rats, mice and other creepy, crawly pests. Ground covers, especially ivy beds, also provide cover for rodents, and certain kinds of cockroaches and other pests. Trim tree branches so they do not touch your home, as trees provide pathways for pests and wildlife to your home.

Be cautious when mulching.

Not only does mulch around your homes foundation and flower beds look nice, help reduce weed growth, but it creates moist conditions attracting unwanted pests. Moist conditions attract pests, so try using rubber mulch, stone or gravel and keep it away from the foundation of your home.

It is important to understand how to prevent unwanted pests outside, so they find their way inside. Serving Albany and Clifton Park along with the entire Capital Region, Thomas Pest Services, Clifton Park exterminators not only solve your pest problems, but provide recommendations to prevent further infestations. Learn more about pests in Clifton Park area and contact us today for a free home evaluation!

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