Preserve Apples from Fruit Flies

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Living in the Capital Region and in New York in general, provides so many opportunities for fun fall activities. One of my all time favorite fall activities is apple picking! New York is Apple Country after all! Once the apples are home besides eating them, you can make apple sauce apple cider cakes, donuts and so many other yummy treats. It is important not too buy too many apples at once. Leaving apples out may result in a fruit fly population - you certainly do not want that to happen especially with the price of apples this year.

Our previous blog post discusses how to identify a fruit fly and get rid of fruit flies. According to the National Pest Management Association, females produce about 500 eggs during the course of their 40-50 day lives. Eggs develop from egg to adult in 7 to 10 days, allowing populations to grow quickly.

How to preserve your apples from fruit flies:

  • Look for firm, crisp, well-colored fruit, the color depending upon the variety.
  • Avoid apples that have brown spots or any fruit shriveled or soft.
  • Wash the apples so they are ready to eat and to remove any fruit fly attractants.
  • Apples keep well in the refrigerator. Most varieties remain fresh for up to three weeks.
  • Store apples in a well-ventilated, dry, uncluttered area.
  • At the first sign of a bruised or unhealthy apple, eat or throw out.

When fruit ripens, it produces a gas called ethylene, which makes the fruit sweeter by producing enzymes. But when a fruit ripens too much, it grows mold and bacteria. Cooling the atmosphere by placing the fruit in the refrigerator slows the release of ethylene, keeping fruit fresh longer. Don't let fruit flies take away the fun of the fall season. If fruit flies win the battle... give Thomas Pest Services a call. Thomas Pest Services, your Ballston Spa pest control provider can certainty assist with your fruit fly problem. With third generation experience, Thomas Pest Services is a local, family owned company protecting homes in Chatham, East Greenbush, Colonie, Schenectady, Clifton Park, Saratoga and beyond! Please contact us today for a free pest control evaluation!

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