Picnic Pests

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Summer has arrived, the weather is beautiful, and you and your friends, naturally, are looking forward to dining alfresco. Before your outdoor event begins this 4th of July weekend, we want you to keep a few things in mind to ward off picnic pests.

As soon as the food is brought outside, you realize you’re not alone. Picnic pests include, ants, bees, wasps, mosquitoes and other insects not only want a place at your table; they may outnumber you and your guests within minutes.

Running back inside with your hamburger and potato salad doesn’t have to be your only response to their presence, however. You should be able to continue enjoying your picnic outside by following some common-sense tips, such as using citronella candles and fans.

You will be one step ahead of picnic pests, however, if you understand why your picnic is attractive to them in the first place, how bugs will react to your efforts to eradicate them and the dangers they may pose to you.

  • Once an insect, finds food, it can put out a pheromone, and then the other insects follow that trail.
  • Stinging insects don’t like strong scents, so if you’re wearing a strong perfume or cologne you could actually be antagonizing them.
  • Check under the picnic table and seats to make sure there are wasp nests under there. This goes for children’s play sets too!
  • Wasp and hornet nests are small right now. In the spring yellow jackets are hunting for protein, like flies. But when they become a nuisance in the fall is when they turn into sweet eaters. The longer you remain and swat around at them, the more in trouble you’ll be.
  • Take precautionary measures when outdoors against ticks, this applies to your pets as well.
  • Simply covering your food dishes will go a long way toward eliminating the dissemination of enticing odors, along with avoiding brightly colored clothes and tablecloths.
  • A fan circulating over food will help ward off flying insects.
  • Apply insect repellents to ward off mosquitoes.

Keep your family and friends healthy and safe this summer by following these tips for preventing pests from infiltrating your backyard barbecues. Getting rid of pests and preventing pests can be difficult. Do it yourself control methods are not always effective, but Thomas Pest Services offers effective pest control services in Schenectady NY and surrounding areas in the Capital Region. Thomas Pest Services’ provides services to resolve and prevent pests from being a nuisance with their trained and licensed pest professionals. Complete our contact form today for a free estimate!


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