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Have you ever had an insect question? A recent FOX article, provides some of the answers you may be looking for. Below are a few questions and answers.

Do fair-skinned people really get bitten by mosquitoes more often?

No. Mosquitoes are not anymore attracted to women, redheads or any other specific group. Mosquitoes are attracted to the amount of carbon dioxide, heat, and moisture that a person emits.

How can I un-invite bugs from an outdoor summer party?

Avoid scheduling your event at dusk, when mosquitoes and no-see-ums are most plentiful. Keep food covered, use a fan to keep a breeze over food, keep grass cut short and remove sources of standing water. Before your party, consider a mosquito reduction service to make your event more enjoyable.

What is the best way to deal with an itchy bite?

Avoiding scratching! The more you scratch, the more you release histamines causing the itching sensation. Hydrocortisone or even an ice cube will temporarily soothe the tickle and an oral antihistamines, like Benadryl is helpful too!

What exactly is DEET, and why do some people avoid it?

DEET is a highly effective chemical that confuses the receptors on the antennae of many insects, so bugs are warded off but not killed. The main concern with DEET is its possible toxicity, but following label directions provides minimal risk.

How do I layer sunscreen and insect repellent?

Apply sunscreen, allow it to dry, then apply bug spray. There are two-in-ones products, but if you’ll be outside for an extended time, use separate products. Sunscreen needs to be reapplied more frequently than bug spray. Keep in mind that some studies have shown that the two are not always as effective when used together.

How can I bee-proof my house and yard?

If your structure is prone to bees, prevention is key. Inspect your homes outside walls for nests, seal any cracks in walls or around a chimney. A regular pest management service can assist by searching for nesting sites and treating as prevention. Don’t let bee stings harm your family or pets.

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