Pest Control Misconception: Pest control is designed to get rid of visible bugs.

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As you have probably heard, if you see one pest, it is a good indication there are more. Pests often seek shelter in your walls, under you home, in your attic, in cracks and crevices and other less accessed areas.  Pests are unwanted because they are dangerous to you, your family and property from the destruction they cause and the associated diseases.

Bed Bugs. Bed bugs are sneaky – they crawl and scurrying into tight spaces to hide. Bed bugs come out of their hiding places more so at night to feed, but you can see them during the day. Bed bugs often group together and bed bugs can be found in screw heads, bed frames and behind picture frames. Finding one means there could be more lurking, do not ignore as bed bugs can populate quickly under the right conditions.

Carpenter Ants. Carpenter ants live in your wall voids where they create gallies to nest, reproduce and live. You will know if you have a carpenter ant problem, when you see visible activity or frass, sawdust excreted from the nest. Carpenter ants perform their dirty work outsight, it is recommended to have a pest professional inspect your home for pest activity and damage.

Roaches. Cockroaches are not only undesirable pests but a health threat. Roaches contaminate your food, food preparation surfaces, utensils and can trigger asthma. German cockroaches come out of hiding often at night to find food and mates. When you see one roach, look in areas that provide food, moisture and shelter and you will probably find more.

Rodents. Rodents often perform their dirty work out of sight. What do we mean? Rodents chew your wires in your walls and attic, ruin your insulation with their droppings/urine and contaminate areas as they travel. If you see just one mouse, or a few droppings, do not take it lightly. Rodents can spread Hantavirus, Samonella and make your home unhealthy.

Termites. Every year termites cause over 5 billion dollars in damage in the United States. Termites often remain hidden, until termite swarm, when you see their wings left behind. Termites are cryptic creatures and infestations can go undetected especially in obstructed areas. Termite damage can go undetected because the outer surface is usually left intact, while the damage is created behind the scenes.

When you call is a pest professional, they should not be treating or looking for just visible insects. As you have learned, pests like to hide, so looking in attic spaces, basements, crack and crevices – that’s where you will find pests, pest evidence and damage. Think like a pest! In addition to getting rid of visible is to manage pests you cannot see that are destructive and disease carrying. Ongoing pest control service is a great way to stay abreast of any pest concerns, but must importantly protect your health, family and property.  Contact Thomas Pest Services today, for more information about identifying pests or for your Albany pest control needs. 

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