Mulch and Pests

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Judging by the weather thus far, we can expect a dry and warm continuation into the summer months. The unseasonably warm weather has allowed for early spring projects along with preparing the home and yard for the season ahead.

Mulch is most commonly used to enhance the landscape around the property while offering other benefits like reducing weeds. However, mulch provides a habitat for unwanted insects and pests. Insects like beetles, centipedes, sowbugs, millipedes, springtails and mites are common insects that mulch provides a habitat, reliable food sources and shelter from disruption. Mulching also improves moisture, conditions favorable to ants and termites.

Mulching Tips:

  • Your bed should be no more than 3 inches thick.
  • Keep it several inches away from your home’s foundation to avoid termites.
  • Keep it a couple of inches away from trees to avoid disease.
  • Buy in bulk for big jobs.
  • Remove and replace a 1-inch layer each year.
  • For delicate planting areas, use a biodegradable barrier such as newspaper.

Rubberized mulch is durable, heavier and less attractive to insects. Rubber mulch doesn’t trap moisture or provide a show in the soil attractive to insects. Be sure to keep mulch away from foundations, siding and windowsills to avoid pests, excess moisture, mold and other concerns mulch brings. A stone barrier in between the mulch and foundation is suggested to help prevent infestations.

Thomas Pest Services hopes all Clifton Park and surrounding area homeowners enjoy the spring time. Good luck with your spring “to-do list” and maintenance around your home. For more information about our company or how we can help solve your pest problems, contact us today at 1.877.518.BUGS (2847) or fill out our online contact form.

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