Is Green Pest Control Effective?

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Whether someone in your family suffers from asthma and allergies, you're pregnant, or you just want to prevent the unnecessary use of insecticides – green pest control solutions are a great option. Just because you choose natural options over insecticides doesn't mean you have to give up the effectiveness of a professional pest control solution. Eliminating pests while reducing insecticides with green pest control involves an Integrated Pest Management approach. The process requires three steps:

  1. A thorough inspection of the area.

  2. Identification of the pests active in the area.

  3. Controlling and managing the pests with the least amount of impact on the environment, the people, and the animals.

Effective green pest control solutions focus on why and how the pests are getting into your home so you can make changes that will keep them out. Pests that infest our homes need the same things we do: food, water, and shelter. If we take away or make it harder for them to have access to these necessities, there will be less attraction to your home in the first place. Leaking pipes and faucets, improperly stored food, and uncovered garbage receptacles are pest attractants. If you eliminate the current pest infestation in your home but do not make changes to the situations that attract pests, the infestation will just recur. Since pests can get into your home through the tiniest of openings, it's important to have an experienced set of eyes inspect your home for all of these potential entry points and provide advice for sealing them against pests. Thomas Pest Services technicians will work with you to determine the source of your pest problems and to develop a green pest control option for eliminating the existing infestation and preventing future infestations as well.

Green options aren't right for every situation, but if you can effectively resolve pest infestations with minimal chemical use and minimal impact to the people, property, and environment – why wouldn't you?

  • Research shows green pest control is just as effective as traditional pest control services

  • Environmentally-friendly (birds, wildlife, groundwater)

  • Pet-friendly

  • Child-friendly

  • Made from 100% FDA-safe, natural ingredients

  • Guaranteed pest problem resolution

When we reduce the impact of our actions on our surroundings, we're doing our part in building a healthier environment for our children and future generations. If allergies or other health conditions for members of your family are a concern, you can feel better about eliminating those possible side effects with green pest control options.

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