Identifying Insect Bites

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Almost all of us have experienced annoying, itchy bug bites. As the warm weather approaches the likelihood of experiencing insect bites increases. Recent research by British researchers released in the UK Journal Drug and Therapeutics Bulletin found there is “little evidence” bug bite remedies work.

Insect bites ranging from mosquitoes, fleas, flies, bed bugs or ticks can cause mild reactions and sometimes painful swelling. Insects like mosquitoes and bed bugs are most likely to cause a reaction because they inject their saliva into humans. Researchers did find that creams with painkillers or anesthetics in combination with antihistamine or antiseptic were marginally effective. Researchers recommend cleaning the area using a cold compress and taking an oral painkiller killer.

Typical signs and symptoms of insect bites include:

Bed Bug Bites:

  • Red bumps in a pattern a regular line of three.

  • Little red bumps, similar to mosquito bites but longer, and often accompanied by itchiness and swelling in that area. This bump eventually grows into blisters like lesions.

  • Redness

  • Swelling

Flea Bites:

  • Rash with small bumps that itch and may bleed.

  • Located on the armpit or fold of a joint (at the elbow, knee, or ankle).

  • The amount of skin affected increases over time (enlarging skin rash or lesion) or the rash spreads to other areas.

  • When pressed the area turns white (blanches to touch).

Mosquito Bites:

  • Soft, initially pale bumps on your skin that can become pink or red.

  • Itching.

  • The bump that results from a bite can appear immediately or may take up to two days to appear. If you're highly sensitive to mosquito bites, you may have a much larger area of itching.

Tick Bites:

  • You may feel pain and swelling in the area of the tick.

  • You may also get blisters (bumps), swelling, and itching that usually go away within one week.

  • You may have a more serious illness from the tick bite if you start having headaches, fever, or chills. Other signs of illness caused by a tick bite include red rash, muscle weakness, tiredness, or having trouble walking. You may also not feel like eating. These may be signs and symptoms of a more serious illness such as Lyme Disease.

For more information on bed bugs, fleas, mosquitoes or ticks refer to our educational website. If you find yourself itching and identified an insect bite take the necessary precautionary measures. If you identify the bites as bed bug bites or flea bites, inspect your home immediately for any signs of an infestation or call your local Clifton Park pest control professional. Thomas Pest Services offers bed bug treatments and mosquito/tick reduction treatments.

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