How To Tell If You Have Termites

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Here in Albany, New York we have a silent killer; it is a destructive and natural killer of homes. Who is this offender you ask? It is the termite! Termites eat cellulose, which is a natural part of plant fiber found in wood and anything made from wood. Even though termites aren't directly dangerous to humans or animals, they are very dangerous to your home and business. They can cause damage to your home, your siding and your structural beams, just for starters! They can even destroy books! They destroy from the inside out and often they don't leave many signs of their presence. Many times, a lot of the damage they inflict is done before it’s even noticed. Some signs of a termite problem can be:

  • cracked paint on wood surfaces

  • mud tubes on and around the foundation of your home

  • hollow sounding wood in and around your home

  • small sawdust piles

  • discarded wings from swarming adult termites

If you have any signs of termites you need to call a professional pest service for an inspection immediately. Termite damage happens quickly, so a quick response is necessary for minimum damage.

A Termite infestation is a quick and lethal way to damage your home. The best way to keep termites out of your property is with a termite prevention plan. Preventing termites before they can access your property and make costly damages is the key. Termites cause over five billion dollars in the United States in property damages each year. That’s more than the damages caused by fires, earthquakes, or storms! The only sure way to prevent termites is with a termite control plan from a professional pest service like Thomas Pest Services. You can, however, help to lessen your chance of dealing with them by following these few steps:

  • Keep all wood piles at least 20’ to 30’ from structures

  • Keep all branches picked up off property to refrain from wood rotting on the ground where termites can access them

  • Keep all mulch away from foundations of structures

  • Remove fallen leaf piles quickly

Eliminating and preventing termites is truly a job best left to the professionals. These pests are too serious a risk to leave up to chance. Save your family the stress and price that incurs so quickly with termite damage! It is time to stop wondering how to get rid of termites on your own and trust the professionals at Thomas to take care of the problem for you!

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