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Summer is finally here! Seems like we wait all year for this time of year..but who doesn't love grilling, splashing in the pool, gardening, enjoying warm weather along with so many other things. One thing, I am sure you do not enjoy is being bothered by PESTS! They crawl, sting, bite and are a nuisance! However, we are here to help!

The following steps can prevent and avoid pesky critters from invading your gatherings…

  • Keep all meat products, plates and utensils covered tightly until the food is ready for grilling.
  • Remove all sources of standing/stagnant water near your home. Flies and mosquitoes find water as breeding sources.
  • Keep bird baths clean and refresh water weekly.
  • Keep gutters and drain clean and debris free.
  • Avoid over watering your yard; this will help save water too!
  • Remove dog and cat droppings from yard.
  • Keep trashcans and recycle bins clean, covered and away from hang out areas.
  • A fan blowing over cooking, prep and eating surfaces will help reduce fly populations.
  • A simple change of light bulbs from white to yellow will reduce the number of spiders and flies.
  • Keep screens in good repair and make sure all windows have screens

How to stay insect safe this summer…

  • Encourage children to let you know if they see bees, hornets or other insects and their nests. Make sure they know never to touch these insects or nests.
  • Examine children for ticks when they come inside for the night after playing in the yard or outdoors.
  • Keep all lawn fertilizers and liquids, household cleaners, pool chemicals and gasoline out of reach of children.

The team at Thomas Pest Services, Inc. wishes everyone a joyous, safe and pleasant summer. We are here to assist with your all of your pest management needs. Remember, if you suspect any pest activity, call before the concern becomes a major infestation.

Thomas Pest Service, serves the Capital Region, in upstate New York including the following counties: Albany County, Schenectady County, Rensselaer County, and Saratoga County. Our service area extends into the Adirondack Mountains through Essex, Fulton, Warren, and Washington Counties. If you live in any of these counties give Thomas Pest Services a call for your FREE evaluation at your home, business or property!

Please contact us at (877) 518-BUGS (2847), email us, twitter us or Facebook with us.

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