Do Termites Leave Sawdust?

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image of a termite up close

Homeowners customarily enter into a rigorous freshening and cleaning activity during this time of year. This is affectionately and appropriately referred to as spring house cleaning. This thorough cleaning includes dusting of window ledges, sweeping cracks and corners, cleaning in basements and other areas not normally reached with routine cleaning.

It is during this aggressive cleaning that one may notice small mounds of sawdust on the floor or in the corner of a window ledge. Immediately, the question comes to mind, “Do I have termites?” The short answer is no. Termites do not create or leave piles of sawdust. The creator of your sawdust is more than likely the result of carpenter ants actively building nests inside your walls.

However, the thought of possible termite infestation is a real and valid concern. While a periodic inspection by a pest control specialist who is properly trained to detect termite infestations is recommended, consider the following signs pointing to possible infestation of termites.

  • Mud tunnels running from the ground up the side of the foundation is a sure sign that there either has been or still is an infestation or presence of termites. It is also worthy of mention that the absence of mud tunnels does not automatically mean that the home is free of termites. There are other ways in which they can enter the building.

  • At certain times of the year, one may notice a large swarm of what looks like flying ants. These swarmers indicate the possibility of a nest of termites close by. A swarm of flying termites is comprised of a group of adult male and female reproducers. These reproductives leave the parent nest to establish new colonies. Seeing swarmers outdoors does not necessarily mean they have infested your home. However, finding them inside indicates you have an infestation somewhere in the home.

  • Another sign of the likelihood of termites is tiny holes on the surface of wood or buckling paint. This means that it is highly probable that termites are excavating the wood beneath the surface, leaving only a thin layer covering the cavity. Upon closer examination, it is possible that you would notice a smear of mud-like material around any openings or holes.

Any areas of the home in which the wood floors or walls have a hollow sound, cracked paint on wooden surfaces, discarded or shed wings and mud tubes on outside walls or foundations are all warning signs that you could have an infestation of termites. The possibility of termites poses a serious threat to your home and you should not rely on DIY methods. Call a licensed pest management company for a thorough inspection and recommendation of treatment.

If you're looking for a termite control specialist in Albany or elsewhere in the Capital District and Adirondack region, Thomas Pest Services is the ideal choice. Give us a call today!

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