Do Not Treat Carpenter Ants on your Own

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Did you know ant infestations are one of the most common pest problems we face here in the Albany NY area. One of the most common calls we receive this time of year is, "I have ants in the house." There are several signs of carpenter ants that you may hear and see. If you find any carpenter ant evidence, be sure to contact a pest professional right away.

Why should carpenter ant treatments be left to a professional?

  • Carpenter ants are unpredictable. Carpenter ants prefer to build nests in water damaged wood such as beneath insulation, in dishwashers, in curtain rods and even hollow doors. It is very common to see carpenter ants in the kitchen or bathroom where there is a high level of moisture. Just because you are seeing ants in one location, does not mean they can be nesting in other locations. It is important to treat carpenter ants in all prone areas of the home, not just where ants are located.
  • Carpenter ants have many nests. Carpenter ants have a satellite and parent colony. Ants first create a main colony (nest). As their population grows, carpenter ants form satellite nests, which may be inside or outside. The presence of winged ants indoors in early spring is a good indication that the structure has a satellite colony.
  • Carpenter ants will move their colonies. When a colony becomes too large or ants get disturbed, they will move and build a new nest. It is important to have a licensed, professional treat carpenter ants because they understand carpenter biology and habits.
  • Carpenter ant biology. Carpenter ants egg and pupa are protected and can survive treatments for carpenter ants. It is important as the carpenter ants life cycle (7-10 months) involves to reinforce treatment areas as these eggs hatchout.

The best way to get rid of ants in Clifton Park NY is to locate and treat the nest directly. Carpenter ant control is sometimes easier said than done, why you should contact an ant removal specialist right away. Big black ants are not just ants! With their scent trails between the satellite and parent colony, over the counter products are not going to fully treat carpenter ant infestations and solve them.

As the weather warms up, do not worry about a carpenter ant infestation. Contact Thomas Pest Services who will address your ant problem quickly using the most up to date technologies to exterminate the carpenter ant nests. Contact your Ballston Spa ant removal specialists, whether it’s one ant, ten ants, piles of sawdust or other signs of ants. Do not let these insects continue to damage your structure, contact Thomas Pest Services for a free inspection.

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