Do Hornet Nests Die Off?

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Any stinging insect problem around your home or property is not only a danger, but risky too. Family or friends may be allergic to a bee stings, causing a bad reaction. Exterminating bees is dangerous, but your Ballston Spa bee removal experts have the raining and knowledge to properly remove bees from your home and property. You be facing a large bald-faced hornet nest on your property...the question is, will the nest go away as the temperatures begin to drop? Do hornet nest die off or disappear?

In the spring, a single bald-faced hornet queen begins building the papery comb of her nests. As the nest gains workers, they continue to add to the nest until it can have as many as 6 comb layers inside and may contain several hundred workers by the end of the season. A mature nest can be 14 inches in diameter and 23 inches long.

In all but the most tropical areas the workers die in the fall. Newly mated queens leave the nest to overwinter. For all practical purposes, the nest is abandoned and empty, and isn't re-used the following year. Most people don’t even know they have a hornet’s nest on their property until the leave fall from the trees and they see the large papery ball hanging there. Used nests eventually fall from the tree or are torn up by weather or animals searching for larvae inside.

When nests are brought inside, they warm up and a few remaining wasps can emerge. These are probably a few late stage larvae or pupae that were left unattended and abandoned when the workers died. When they warm up, they are able to complete development, emerging as adult wasps.

If you attempt to get rid of bees or wasps yourself, keep this in mind. The time you spend shopping for pest control sprays for bees and the time to unsuccessfully kill the wasps or bees, you could have invested into proper hornet nest removal with a licensed Schenectady exterminator. Schenectady pest control experts can save you time and money and allow you and your family to be safe from stinging insects. Learn more about pests in Schenectady and contact us today for a free home evaluation!

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