Crews quarantine Delta Airliner at Midway for bug bites

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Delta Flight 3163 sat on the tarmac for 2 hours to be quarantined at Chicago's Midway Airport because a passenger had a skin rash. Turns out it was just insect bites.

The Digital Journal reports, the crew of the plane had noticed that a female passenger had a suspicious skin rash and emergency crews quarantined the plane while examining the woman. Fire department crews surrounding the aircraft on the tarmac which raised panic levels with the passengers.

Bed Bugs on Plane

The passenger was reportedly traveling from Ghana, Africa and it turned out she was merely suffering from bug bites. Insect bites ranging from mosquitoes, fleas, flies, bed bugs or ticks can cause mild reactions and sometimes painful swelling. Learn how to identify insect and bug bites.

For more information on bed bugs, fleas, mosquitoes or ticks refer to our educational website. If you find yourself itching and identified an insect bite take the necessary precautionary measures. If you identify the bites as bed bug bites or flea bites, inspect your home immediately for any signs of an infestation or call your local pest professional. Thomas Pest Services offers bed bug treatments and mosquito/tick reduction treatments.

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