Common Animals that Live in the Attic

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As the New Year began, you probably were in your attic to putting away your holiday decorations. Did you look around? The attic is one of the least popular places in our home that we occupy, but others love to occupy the attic. Who, you ask? Animals that live in the attic include: bats, mice, raccoons and other wildlife. Just like us, wildlife seek shelter from the cooler temperatures in our home's attic. Not only are these critters unwanted as they do not contribute towards our mortgage – but they can cause structural damage and health risks to you and your family.

Bats will enter structures from vents, chimneys and other entry points to spend the winter in your home. Although bats are beneficial eating large amounts of insects, they are dangerous too. Once bats enter the home, their urine and droppings can destroy insulation and walls. Not only are bat droppings associated with Histoplasmosis, but along comes the fear of rabies too. It is important to contact your local bat removal specialist at the first signs of wildlife, so you don’t have to share your home with bats.

Raccoons, are a bit larger than bats will force their way in through vents, windows and other openings. Often times raccoons resort to attics for a safe, sheltered area to have their babies. Beware, if a female raccoon is in your attic with young, she will be very aggressive and protective. Raccoons nesting in attic spaces can leave damage behind along with putting you and your pets at risk for fleas and rabies.

Squirrels often choose attics for shelter when their shelter is removed. Over time as squirrels build their nests in your home, they urinate on your insulation contaminating it, along with their droppings. Not only is this messy, but a health hazard to you and your family. Squirrels will use our homes and structures as a place to birth and raise their young. Squirrels maintain their incisors by chewing holes in the structure, insulation and even electrical wires. Squirrels, just like raccoons are a factor in spreading rabies, hantavirus, Lyme Disease by biting and even can transfer fleas.

How can you prevent animals from getting into your attic?

  • Perform an interior and exterior inspection looking for entry points animals and pests can use.

  • Make sure your homes vents and chimney caps are secure and in good working condition.

  • Make sure trees and shrubs are trimmed, so these pests can not use limbs to access the home.

  • Keep trash cans tightly sealed.

  • Avoid leaving out pet food.

  • Make sure your garage is tightly sealed.

If you live in and around the Albany NY and have a wildlife infestation in your home, contact Thomas Pest Services. Do not share your home your with furry creatures this winter, animals that live in the attic are never a good thing. The animal control specialists at Thomas Pest Services deal with getting rid of squirrels and other wildlife regularly; and we know to remove squirrels from the house. When it comes to dealing with squirrels and other wildlife inside your home, a wildlife control professional has the experience, license and knowledge to evict wildlife. Ask us about scheduling a free inspection or preventing wildlife from entering your structure.

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