Beware and Avoid Bed Bugs when Moving

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It’s a New Year, which means a fresh start for many. New York Real Estate offers some advice, if you’re planning a move in the New Year. Take a few minutes to review the items below. It is a good idea to take simple precautionary measures now, to prevent a future bed bug infestation.


  • Plug the building's address into the Look for complaints of multiple apartment infestations within the past year and signs that the landlord is unresponsive.
  • In NYC landlords must give you a bedbug disclosure form stating whether bed bugs have been detected in the apartment or in the building in the past year, and on what floor. Be extra concerned about infestations on your floor or adjacent floors. You should also ask how the landlord or management company is dealing with the problem. They should sound knowledgeable -- not defensive or dismissive.
  • Ask the neighbors: They have nothing to lose by telling you if there's a problem in the building.


  • Co-op and condo owners tend to keep bed bug problems quiet for fear of hurting resale values. However, like landlords, co-op owners are required by law to tell buyers about a bed bug problem in the apartment in the past year, and in the building if they know about it. Condo owners only have to disclose problems in their apartment, and only when asked.
  • Ask your attorney to put a seller's representation in the contract stating that to the seller's knowledge there has never been a bed bug problem in the building.
  • When asking the property manager about the building's bed bug history and pay close attention to the response. Ignoring the question or changing the subject, may indicate a problem.

Renters & Buyers

  • Before renting or purchasing, request a bed bug canine search the unit to detected for bed bugs.
  • If using a moving truck or van, ask to have the vehicle inspected by a bed bug canine or ask if there is a prior history with bed bugs.

Good luck moving to your new destination!

If you suspect bed bugs contact a professional immediately. Thomas Pest Services specializes in bed bugs with the knowledge and tools like heat and bed bug scent detection to effectively reduce to risk. If you are located in or around Albany, Amsterdam, Clifton Park, Queensbury, Saratoga or Valatie contact us for a free evaluation.

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