Be Careful of Catching This on a Date Night: Bed Bugs at the Movies

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When headed to a movie, show or even on public transportation you might want to be careful about bed bugs according to Mens Health. Really? Yes, bed bug infestations are growing across the nation, especially this time of year. There is even a list with the top bed bug cities. Bed bugs are found beyond the bed and found in schools, nursing homes, planes, movie theaters and many other places. Bed bugs did not get their nickname, the hitchhiker for no reason. They behavior allows them to latch onto your clothing and belongings, in which you transport home.

Bed Bug Facts:

  • You can’t feel bed bugs bite at first because they release a mild anesthesia.Bed Bugs at the Movies
  • Bed bug signs and reactions typically show up within three days, and a single pest may bite you as many as five times during a feeding.
  • No studies have been done that show they spread disease. So, apart from annoying bites, the largest problem with the insects is that they’re so pervasive: They often go undetected for weeks after they’ve already laid hundreds of eggs.
  • When bed bugs first hatch, they’re the size of a pen tip and an opaque color. As they grow, they become the size of an apple seed, turn reddish brown and swell upon feeding.
  • Bed bugs don’t have a hard shell and can’t fly or jump. In order to survive, they hide out in the crevices of furniture, such as movie theater cushions. You won’t find them on hard, slick surfaces, such as plastic or metal, because they don’t have pads on their feet and can’t get traction.

With the threat of bed bugs, having the proper knowledge about what bed bugs look like and how to prevent bed bugs is the most important. Do not stop going to the movies, visiting the theater or travelling. Instead, an easy way to prevent bed bugs from sticking to you and carrying them home is to is performing an inspection to your chair, hotel room or other prone bed bug place. Carry an LED flashlight looking for signs of bed bugs: egg clusters, reddish adult bugs, or fecal matter (which looks like a surface was repeatedly touched with the tip of a pen) that signal bed bugs. Don't sit in a seat, stay in a chair or room if you see these bed bug signs! Avoid bringing bags with you into theaters and get in the habit of performing an inspection before unpacking your belongings to a hotel room.

To learn more about bed bugs and bed bug myths read more on our blog. Thomas Pest Services, a QualityPro company a designation from the National Pest Management Associations (NPMA) prides it’s self as a leader in bed bug control and removal. A bed bug infestation is serious and should be treated by a licensed, trustworthy pest control company. At the first bed bug signs, contact Thomas Pest Service for a free inspection, to learn about bed bug removal and bed bug treatments. Thomas Pest Services proudly serves Albany, Northern Columbia County, Fulton, Montgomery, Renneselear, Saratoga, Schenectady, Washington, and Warren Counties.

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