Are Termites Attacking Your New York Home?

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One of the most destructive species of insect on earth is thought to be the subterranean termite, and Upstate New York is not exempt from their fury. These voracious wood eaters can eventually collapse entire buildings causing stress and financial ruin for the property owner. In fact, they are responsible for over $5 billion in damage each year in the United States alone. So how do you know if Termites are attacking your New York home? Well, you begin by looking for signs.

First of all, know that an infestation in your yard does not always mean that your home or business has been compromised; but it does indicate a very real threat to your property. Some of the signs to look for when tracking termites on and around your property include:

  • Swarms of “flying ants” especially in spring (April - June) and fall (Sept – Oct)

  • On Warm days especially after a rain you notice “flying ants” swarming around stumps and other areas of moist wood

  • You find piles of wings on or around your property – especially on window sills.

If these signs exist around your home it almost always indicates termite activity. It is important to notice these signals in your yard because infestation of your home is usually not found until after damage has become severe. However, checking your home for signs of invasion is also important. Remember that termites love wood! So any wooden item in your home is at risk, but they do prefer to destroy the deep, dark areas of your home where they can feast undetected. This makes support beams and wall structure framing very appealing, which is why you have trouble identifying an infestation.

There are a few basic rules to follow that will make your home a less attractive eatery for these little ravenous destroyers.

  • Prevent water accumulation around your foundation by using gutters and downspouts

  • Keep firewood 20 feet or more away from your building

  • Make sure to leave at least a 15 inch barrier between your foundation and mulch

  • Ventilate attics, crawl spaces, and basements to prevent moisture

  • Keep building foundations free of plants

  • Fix leaks in plumbing and AC units as soon as possible

Although these rules do help make your home a less inviting ‘restaurant’ to termites, following these guidelines alone cannot guarantee that you will be safe and pest free. One of the best ways to ensure the integrity of your home is to be proactive. Here at Thomas Pest Services we offer the Hex-pro System which provides visible proof of any activity on your property. There is no drilling of floors or ‘trenching’ required and this system has a low impact on humans, birds, fish, plants, and groundwater – making it very eco-friendly. As a matter of fact, Thomas Pest Services is one of the more environmentally friendly pest management businesses. It is truly the best way to protect your investment and gives you peace of mind so you can know with surety if termites are attacking your New York home. Contact Thomas today!


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