Animal Stuck in Chimney

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When strange noises are coming from your chimney or hearing noises in your chimney it may be a few things. Either a wildlife animal is using your chimney as a den site or a wildlife animal is occupying the chimney and cannot not get out. A simple chimney cap can assist in keeping unwanted critters out of your chimney along with maintaining your chimney.

Why do animals choose chimneys?

Wildlife animals often mistake uncapped chimneys for hollow trees. The difference between hollow trees and the inside of a chimney is the slippery surface only allowing animals to shimmy up and down it.

How do I know if there is an animal stuck in chimney?

An animal stuck in a chimney is often frantic. Scratching noises at the damper or flapping of wings to get out are typical sounds coming from a chimney. If the damper is not closed, the animal may fall down into the fireplace. It is a good idea to have the fireplace doors closed or screen in place to prevent the animal from entering the house. Wildlife animals are unable to climb the entire length of the chimney.

On the other hand, if the animal is using the chimney as a den site you may occasionally hear movement, as well as the sounds of wild animal babies calling out to their mother. The noises follow a more predictable pattern, and often occur only a certain times of the day.

It is never advised to begin a fire to try to get the animal out of the chimney. A fire will only burn or kill the animal, a non-humane animal removal procedure. Your Clifton Park wildlife removal expert like, Thomas Pest Services will not only remove the animal, but they will also be able to look for the signs of a more serious problem. It may be that the single animal that has been captured is just one of many. Thomas Pest Services is aware that our area is home to many types of wildlife animals that like to share our home with us. Depending on the wildlife animal, there can be a certain way to humanely remove wildlife from your property and home. When you contact Thomas Pest Services you will receive the expertise on removing animals from your home, cleaning up after animals and preventing wildlife from returning. Contact your Schenectady wildlife removal company when wildlife become a problem in your Capital Region home.


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