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Are you hearing noises in your home? Is there a mouse in the house? Is there an animal in the house? Wildlife outdoors may look precious, but once animals get inside your home they are annoying and a nuisance. Homeowners in Clifton Park hearing noises during the day or night can indicate what type of pest is causing the ruckus.

More often than not, insects and pests will look to your attic for shelter especially during the winter. Attic spaces are often not visited allowing rodents and wildlife a peaceful, warm sheltered location with easy access to food sources – exactly what they need.

Animals in the house are dangerous to you, your family and home.

  • Spread harmful bacteria and diseases.
  • Contaminate insulation with droppings, urine and nest materials.
  • Structural damage.
  • Create a risk of fire from chewing on electrical wires.
  • Damage belongings.
  • Introduce other pests in the home like fleas and ticks.

After a long, hard day drifting into sleep to be awoken by a noise in the home is irritating and aggravating. Often times, noises during the day are squirrels, raccoon or opossums, while noises at night are indications of rodent and/or flying squirrels. Any animal noises in your home should be proactively identified to avoid a little problem from becoming a major problem. An animal in the house begins with an inspection, removal and finally repair work.

Do not wonder another day or night, “What's that sound?” or “What’s that noise?” Allow Thomas Pest Services your Albany wildlife removal specialists, helping homeowners and business in Troy, Latham, Clifton Park, Charlton, Saratoga and Mechanicville with effective wildlife and rodent solutions. A rodent or wildlife animal causing the noise can be ruled out after the inspection yields no entry points, droppings or evidence. Let Thomas Pest Services identify the noise in your wall or the noise in your attic with a free inspection!

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