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Do you have nuisance wildlife in or around you Schenectady home? Squirrels chew their way in through your eaves. Raccoons climb in through third story windows. Mice and rats climb up through downspouts and chew in through your sensitive roofline. And, skunks take up residence under your porch. It is enough to drive you crazy! You might be tempted to handle this problem yourself, but before you do, here are a few points you'll want to consider.

Animals do not like to be trapped. This is especially true for squirrels. If a squirrel has gotten into your attic, and you seal up the hole they got in through, you're going to have one angry rodent. A single squirrel can cause a surprising amount of damage in your house.

Animals do not like to be cornered. If a wild animal feels threatened, no matter how cute it looks, it can lash out at you and do some damage. Always give wild animals a way of escape, and let your traps do the dirty business of catching them.

Wild animals all have a chance of carrying the rabies virus. Please take caution when dealing with wildlife. Look for signs of rabies, like frothing at the mouth, paralyzation in a limb, drunken behavior, and unexpected mood swings. If you are bitten by a wild animal, you should call a pest control company to have the animal captured and sent off for testing.

Wildlife can bring parasites into your home. After your wildlife problem is taken care of, you may be in for more problems. Many animals can bring lice, mites, ticks and fleas into your house. These can plague you long after the animal has been removed.

A wild animal will also leave feces and bacteria behind. Once the animal is safely removed, it is important to clean infected areas. It is also a good idea to check air ducts and ventilation systems for contamination.

When you hire a professional pest control company to safely remove a wild animal from your property, you are hiring them for more than just this service. They have trained technicians that know how to check for wildlife related issues that arrive after the animal has been relocated. A company like Thomas Pest Services has specialized staff that repair entry holes, safely trap and remove animals humanely, clean infected areas, and advise your family on ways you can prevent future infestations. They have three generation of experience in removing pests since 1949. In Schenectady, you won't find a more thorough wildlife control company. Give them a call and get your home sealed right the first time.

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