5 Ways Homeowners Can Reduce Spider Populations

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Pest management is a partnership. Educating homeowners on how to reduce potential harborages and the conditions that support spider infestations is critical. According to PCT Magazine, homeowners can reduce spiders around their home with these 5 ways to reduce spider infestations.  

ELIMINATE CLUTTER, BOXES – Spiders like to hide; clutter offers plenty of places to do this. Sweep and vacuum regularly, and store cardboard boxes off the floor and away from walls. Plastic containers are the preferred storage means over cardboard boxes for many pests and rodents.

CLEAN UP THE YARD – Trim back vegetation near the structure to discourage the pests on which spiders prey.  Move woodpiles away from the house and stack it off the ground on supports; remove piles of lumber, debris, stones and boards, stated the Mallis Handbook of Pest Control.

MINIMIZE MOISTURE – Improve ventilation in attics and crawlspaces to reduce moisture. When humidity decreases, so do the insects and the spiders that feed on them. TAP Insulation for attics and encloses crawlspaces; results in controlled environments that doesn’t support insect populations.

REPOSITION LIGHTS – Exterior lights attract insects and, subsequently, spiders; that’s why 45 percent of pest management professionals address exterior lighting as part of their spider control program, found PCT’s 2014 Spider Market Report. Mallis suggests switching mercury vapor with sodium vapor lights, and equipping homes with yellow “bug light” bulbs. Taking lights down and pointing them at the building; the wider beam provides better security and draws the insects away from the building.

KEEP THEM OUT – Excluding all spiders is nearly impossible, but screening windows and vents, installing weather stripping on doors and windows, and caulking gaps and cracks can prevent some from getting into the home, stated Mallis.

Homeowners can follow the tips above for spider prevention in and around their home. If your Saratoga home is two out of three American homes with a spider problem, it’s best to let a professional exterminator handle the infestation. Thomas Pest Services is your Saratoga pest control expert offering multiple types of services to effectively control rodent, ant, spider, wildlife and pest infestations. Protect your home, family and heath by contacting us for a no charge consultation today!

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