Cigarette Beetles

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cigarette beetle

What do cigarette beetles look like?

No, there are not little beetles running around with cigarettes hanging out of their mouths. They are actual pests, yellowish brown in color and covered in small silky hairs. They get their name because they tend to infest tobacco and common stored food products.


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Are cigarette beetles dangerous?

Cigarette beetles do not sting or bite humans and are considered to be nuisance pests. They will however contaminate food products in your home and can infest products in commercial environments.

Why do I have a cigarette beetle problem?

Cigarette beetles are likely to enter homes in already contaminated food products (i.e. flour and other dried goods) you may purchase at the store.

How do I get rid of cigarette beetles?

Contact our Albany pest control company for help getting rid of cigarette beetles. Our experts will eliminate any infestation and can customize a program to prevent future pest activity.

Cigarette beetle prevention tips

To prevent cigarette beetle infestations, our expert NY exterminators recommend:

  • Inspecting dry goods that you purchase from the store before bringing them into your home; make sure there are no rips or tears in the bags or boxes.

  • Store dry goods in sealed, air-tight containers, not in their original packaging.

  • Regularly inspecting and rotate your pantry, using oldest items first.

  • Contacting a pest management firm if you are a commercial facility.

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