Kingston, NY Pest Control (Ulster County)

The county seat of Ulster County and the original capital of New York State, the City of Kingston, NY is much beloved by locals and visitors alike for its natural beauty, deep history, and thriving shopping and entertainment scene. The downtown riverfront area (known by locals as Roundout Creek) has beautiful, quaint views of a tributary of the Hudson River, and is a favorite spot of local fishermen. The Uptown Stockade District is well-regarded for its historic churches (most notably Old Dutch Church) and has become the cultural center of the city, with numerous restaurants, coffee shops, record stores, and artisan shops lining North Front Street, Main Street, and Fair Street.  


For all its beauty, entertainment, and small-town feel, Kingston is also frequently a target of pests. From carpenter ants to mosquitoes and ticks to rodents and other wildlife, Kingston can be a hotbed for pest activity. That’s where Thomas Pest Services comes in. 

Our Pest Control Services 

No matter the pest problem that you are facing, Thomas Pest Services has a solution! See our list of available pest control services in Kingston and Ulster County here:  

Where We Service

We service the City of Kingston and the surrounding areas in Ulster County, including:  


Port Ewen






Red Hook



Lake Katrine

St. Remy

Madlen on Hudson

West Camp

Mount Marion



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