How Wet Weather Affects Pests In Albany

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As anxious as we all were for winter to finally let go of us, this spring has proven to be much wetter than anticipated leaving many people who have been looking forward to some fun in the sun frustrated. No one is overly happy with this turn of events. As much as rain affects people, the rains also have a major effect on pests and wildlife that have come out from hibernation or hatched in the last several weeks.

Some pests certainly flourish in this wet weather. Mosquitoes and ticks, for instance, breed much quicker in rainy weather. A lot of standing water means that mosquitoes have many more places to lay eggs so the mosquito population has just about doubled in some areas. Ticks, already a large population because a mild winter did not kill off as many as winter normally does, are using this time to breed as well. On dryer days when folks are able to get out and enjoy a hike or some time in their yards, they are finding they need to check themselves and their pets over much more carefully for these offending pests.

Other common pests that typically stay outside are finding it a bit tough with the amount of rain that has fallen. Ants and wasps along with many other insects that typically nest underground have been flooded out and are forced to find shelter elsewhere. Sadly, if they are near a residential neighborhood, their new-found shelter will likely be one of the nearby houses or sheds. Even the earwig, a warm weather pest that enjoys life under moist mulch, debris, stones, and fallen logs has found that it is just too wet making a nearby damp basement preferable to their normal outdoor habitation.

The same can be said for rodents and small wildlife like skunks, raccoons, and chipmunks. Their homes have been damaged or flooded by the wet weather as well, forcing them to find better accommodations. It is not uncommon for raccoons, especially nesting mothers, to find their way into a chimney or attic for a dryer spot to call home, and squirrels and chipmunks will follow suit. Skunks prefer to be a bit lower to the ground so they will look for spots around the porch or garage to find shelter, and those same mice that you thought moved on early in the spring are back trying to find a cozy spot in the walls of your home.

With all of the wet weather we have had, it is more important than ever to protect your home from the onslaught of pests who find it just as appealing as you do. Thomas Pest Services can help. Consider one of our year-round programs designed to keep your home and your property pest-free no matter what the weather has in store. It can be very expensive to remove pests once they have moved in and dangerous to ignore them assuming that they will move on when the weather gets better. Give us a call today and find out how we can help.

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