Pests That Prefer Lawns to Homes

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When you think of pests, you often think of the kind that come into your home, and for obvious reasons: something that comes into your house, lives in your walls, and even takes up occupancy in your own bed is always more of an immediate threat that a critter or insect that well...doesn’t. Still, there are a large number of pests that are much more of a problem in the lawn than in the home, and we wanted to give them a little attention.




This category of lawn pest is made up of those bothersome critters that burrow into lawns and cause the kind of damage that makes homeowners queasy. This group of yard-wrecking pests includes:




Lawn pests aren’t just restricted to animals; there are also a whole host of lawn-destroying insects to worry about. Staple insects like ants (specifically fire ants) and yellow jackets, while not lawn-destroying, can be a nuisance because of their burrowing habits. Here a few other insects that are considered a nightmare for your lawn:

  • June Beetles 
  • Japanese and June Beetle grubs
  • Cutworms
  • Bluegrass Billbugs 
  • Armyworms (AKA Prodenias)


Fleas, Ticks, and Mosquitoes


These insects don’t cause the kind of damage that you can see, but the presence of fleas, ticks, and/or mosquitoes are without a doubt an issue when it comes to your peace of mind in regards to your lawn. These are the sorts of biting insects that make spending time on your outdoor property uncomfortable, with the threat of itchy bites, rashes, or even disease almost constantly looming. This becomes an even more troublesome issue if you have young children or outdoor pets because they can become easy targets, especially for fleas and ticks.


Pest Control Solutions for Your Lawn

One important thing to remember is that as the weather starts to chill, many lawn pests can quickly become indoor pests especially when animals start to look for cold-weather shelter. No matter what lawn pests you’re dealing with, Thomas Pest Services can help. We offer wildlife control services to take care of all of those digging and burrowing animals, and our residential pest control will make sure that any insects causing trouble in your yard will stay out of your home. Just get in touch with us and we’ll get back to you ASAP!


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