Spring Pest Are On The Way

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Our time is adjusted twice a year. In the fall, we fall back, or turn our clocks back one hour. In the spring, we spring ahead, or set our clocks ahead one hour. However, spring causes more than time to spring forward. It is this time of year that trees soon begin to bud out. Frost leaves the ground and the warmth of the sun begins drawing plants to the surface. The flowers quickly begin to spring forth with fresh growth and blooms. Still another enjoyment for many is being able to watch for baby birds, wobbly legged fawns, baby rabbits, and squirrels making their appearances. Spring represents fresh, new life with grass turning from brown to green, refreshing warm sunshine, and outdoor activities.

It is so nice when the cold temperatures and snow are replaced with warm sunshine and April showers, but not all spring appearances are met with such fanfare. All too many homeowners and business owners are entirely too familiar with spring pests and the aggravation and damage for which they are known. Along with the coming of spring, comes the arrival of outdoor spring pests.

Just a few of the spring pests include:

Some spring pests are merely a nuisance with no damaging effects or health and safety threats. However, there are others that pose a health risk, and still others that cause structural damage to your home and buildings. Carpenter ants and swarming termites are pests that cause severe structural damages, and they emerge in the spring for the purpose of reproducing and developing new colonies. Seeing an occasional termite or carpenter ant go flying by is not grounds for panic. However, seeing them emerge from your home or other buildings is concern enough for a professional inspection. Another spring pest that can cause structural damage is various forms of wildlife. Many raccoon and squirrel nests have been built inside attics, walls, and roof overhangs. These wild animals are great at chewing through wood, drywall, and even electrical wiring.

The spring pests that are more prone to expose people to harmful diseases are arriving in spring also. Mosquitoes and ticks are both known vectors of various viruses and bacteria causing diseases such as Lyme disease, West Nile virus, yellow fever, and encephalitis. Other spring pests like the Japanese beetle and Boxelder bugs are a threat to the plants and trees on your property, feeding on leaves, flowers, and seed pods of trees.

When it comes to pests, you can always count on Thomas Pest Services regardless of the time of year or type of pest. We are very familiar with the pests of New York and have a great range of pest control plans for homeowners. When you contact Thomas Pest Services, you will soon see that the Complete Care program will take the pest worries out of your hands and into ours.

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