Why Wildlife Problems Require A Professional

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Wildlife can be extremely dangerous to deal with, and the longer you wait to get rid of wild animals on your property, the bigger your problem will become. These pests will eventually find their way into your home contaminating surfaces and nesting sites, destroying personal property, and damaging the structure of your home. When wild animals wander too close to your home or business, seek professional help to remove these pests from your building and to prevent re-entry.

While wildlife is foraging for food and looking for shelter, they can not only cause damage to your home and your property, but they can also carry and transmit many diseases. Squirrels, skunks, and raccoons, for example, will revisit your property year after year to enjoy the leftovers in your yard, your trash bins, and your gardens bringing serious illnesses like rabies and salmonella with them. They also come equipped with several types of parasites such as fleas and ticks – parasites come with their own set of illnesses to spread. Whenever wildlife comes in close proximity to humans, the consequences can be significant.

Wild animals are not meant to live too closely to humans, and most wild animals will attack when they feel threatened. They can claw and bite causing some serious and sometimes life-threatening harm to people. This makes removing wildlife on your own very dangerous. In most cases, you will need a professional pest service to deal with any nuisance wildlife around your home and your property.

If you are experiencing an infestation of bats, you may think that they are no problem, especially since they eat insects. Be careful! Bats can attack, and their bite can be dangerous, as they are carriers of rabies. Their droppings, or guano, are also dangerous. It can cause a fungus that, if inhaled, can cause an illness similar to the flu that can be life-threatening. Guano can damage attics and insulation once it accumulates, and it can be difficult to safely remove.

When wild animals encroach on your Albany property, you can count on Thomas Pest Services to promptly remove them. We have highly trained and certified wildlife control experts, and we offer comprehensive services to humanely remove nuisance wildlife. Our professionals have expert knowledge and can handle each and every wildlife situation, humanely removing them and preventing them from returning. Don’t wait until someone gets sick or until the damage has been done to deal with wild animals. Give Thomas Pest Services a call today to start the removal process and to put preventative measures in place that will protect you and your property.

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