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Summer is filled with all kinds of insects and other pests making people squeamish and uncomfortable. Spiders, mice, ants, wasps, and many more varieties of pests are building nests, feasting on the food you have in the pantry, carrying illnesses to your family, or causing significant damage to homes across the country. Come fall, these same pests are on the move looking for a safe place to spend a long winter surrounded by food, water, and shelter where they can stay safe until the harsh weather is over. In the winter, if pests have found a home inside an actual home, then they are treated to a warm climate and an all-you-can-eat buffet all winter long if they are not discovered. In the spring, the cycle starts all over again. The truth is every season is pest season. It takes vigilance to keep up with which type of pest is a danger to you or your home through the course of a calendar year.

The question is, “How can a homeowner protect their property from biting, disease spreading, and nuisance pests all year long?” Thomas Pest Services has the answer. The Complete Care Program offers comprehensive protection from some of the most common and most destructive list of pests that frequently show up in houses in the region. The list includes carpenter ants, mice, yellow jackets, wasps, meal moths, spiders, cockroaches, and many others. Thomas Pest Services can even add termite monitoring and wildlife control where necessary to customize your plan.

Having the Complete Care Program ensures that a trained technician will come every other month to do a thorough sweep of your home to make sure that no new infestations have occurred. This is followed by a very safe and effective treatment applied around your property to discourage any future pests from trying to enter.

When choosing your plan, the professional staff here at Thomas Pest Services will be able to go over your needs, do a free initial inspection, give you an estimate, and rid your home of unwanted pests that are currently there. From there, our program is designed to protect you and your home from additional pest infestations. One phone call can put you on the road to peace of mind.

All of us at Thomas Pest Service would like to wish everyone a safe and Happy New Year. We look forward to serving you in 2017.

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