Why Do I Have Mice During The Summer?

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If you are like most folks, you may believe that mice only move into human structures during the winter months, to get out of the bitter cold icy snowy weather conditions. While it might be true that mice tend to move inside more during times of cooling weather, it is not true that they move back outside once the weather warms up.

The Problems With Mice

When mice move in, they don't only disturb people's sleep with the scraping, scratching, scampering noises they make inside the walls at night, they also cause a host of other issues, some of them potentially dangerous.

  • Mice spread harmful bacteria. When mice get in, they likely come and go from filthy places both inside and outside the structure. They track that filth into kitchens, where they deposit it in food storage areas, silverware drawers, cabinets, and on food preparation surfaces. They will also deposit their urine and feces everywhere they roam. This can contaminate many locations within a home. The worse part is that illnesses spread by mice are often mistaken for the flu or common cold.

  • Mice spread parasites. Mice are known to carry parasites such as fleas, lice, mites, and ticks. Ticks are a danger in themselves because of the threat of Lyme disease and other issues.

  • Mice chew constantly. Mice not only chew through wood, sheetrock, and insulation, which can affect heating and cooling costs, but they can also chew on wires, which can potentially cause a house fire.

Why do mice stay inside for the summer?

Once mice are established in a warm cozy little nest, they are more than happy to stay. Sure. They may leave more often when the weather outside isn't quite so frightful, but they will return "home" again when they are done their foraging. Some reasons mice stay put once they have moved in are:

  • Safety. Mice are safe from the dangers of the great outdoors when they live inside a home or business. Birds, snakes and other creatures that hunt mice cannot get at them.

  • Food. It is likely that, if mice have moved in, they have found a source, or sources, of food to sustain them.

  • Shelter from the elements. Being inside protects mice from heavy rain, sweltering heat, frigid cold, high humidity, and other uncomfortable conditions.

Mice, whether you know they are there are not, are lurking in dark corners, chewing everything in sight, and spreading harmful bacteria and parasites. And, if your house is not properly protected, cooler weather is coming soon, and mice, as well as other furry pests, will be looking for a safe place to stay. Don't take chances with your home, your family, or your health. Let Thomas Pest Services help today.

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