Prevent Overwintering Pests From Over Staying Their Welcome

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Some pests prefer warmer temperatures and will seek out a new place to call “home” when it gets cold. These overwintering pests invade homes in the northeast, causing structural damage, health concerns, and becoming the house guest that simply overstays their welcome! Here are four common overwintering pests and what to do about them:

Boxelder Bugs

Boxelder bugs are about ½ inch in length and are black with characteristic red markings. They have wings that overlap at the tip. Because they prefer warm temperatures, boxelder bugs will get into your home and prepare to take up residence in the warmest areas they can find. Adult boxelder bugs do not need any food while spending the winter in your home.

You can help prevent boxelder bugs from getting into your home by caulking and sealing all points of entry. If you do have boxelder bugs inside, use the vacuum to get rid of them. If your home has a history of boxelder bug infestations, you can call Thomas Pest Services for a perimeter treatment to discourage the insects from getting close to and inside your home.

Lady Bugs

Most indoor lady bug infestations are usually of the orange and black variety rather than the red bugs with black spots. But any lady bug can be found spending the winter in your home. They don’t cause direct harm, but some people believe they can cause allergies. They’re harmless in that they don’t cause structural damage to your home, but most people don’t want swarms of bugs in their home even if they don’t cause damage.

Stink Bugs

Stink bugs are brown. They prefer the outdoors but when it gets too cold they search for a place to spend the winter. Once inside, they become a smelly nuisance.


Mice don’t really overwinter as they are active all year long, but they do love to build nests in your home in the winter to stay warm and remain close to a source of food. They can cause serious structural damages or electrical fires by gnawing on everything in your home. They’re also a sanitation problem, as their scurrying around can contaminate your food or food preparation services, and even transmit diseases to you and your family.

All overwintering pests share one common trait: once they get into your home, it is very difficult to get rid of them as they breed fairly quickly. Thomas Pest Services will treat your current infestations of overwintering pests and help take steps to prevent future infestations from occurring, we offer residential pest control plans to both save you money and protect your home with year-round care

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