Ground Hog Problems?

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Do you feel like every day is Groundhog Day? Not that your day is repeating, like it did in that movie with Bill Murray, but, that every day you look out at your lawn you know you still have a ground hog problem? Every day you notice that something else in your yard has been eaten, or you're seeing new holes dug next to your shed. It can be very frustrating.

Having ground hogs is particularly frustrating if you have things in your yard that you would rather not have eaten, such as vegetables in a garden, sunflowers growing near your back deck, or leafy ornamentals. If you have berry bushes you're fond of, these invaders will make your blood boil.

Sometimes, ground hog damage can go undetected at first. The tunneling these pests do can disrupt root systems which can weaken and even kill the plants in your yard. It is important to notice this damage early.

Some gardeners put up fencing around gardens and berry bushes that go at least a foot under the ground to keep ground hogs and other wildlife out. While this is certainly an important and effective preventative measure, it does not prevent all the issues this pest poses.

Ground hogs are also known to dig around sprinkler systems and cause them to no longer work properly. Their digging can cause supports under decks and patios to sink into the ground, creating structural damage. And, all wildlife can bring parasites into your yard. If you'd prefer to have fewer ticks, mites, fleas, and lice in your yard, it is a good idea to have that furry invader removed, especially if you have pets.

While ground hogs don't come into your home, your pets do. Parasites brought into your yard by ground hogs will be more than happy to hop onto your pets and get a lift into every nook and cranny of your home. These parasites can also hop or climb onto you or hitch a ride into your home on a rat or a mouse as well.

When you find any wildlife in your yard, it is wise to contact a pest control company for wildlife removal services. Here at Thomas Pest Services, our wildlife specialists not only perform the humane removal of all wildlife, they assist home and business owners by developing a custom plan to prevent future problems. This is a complete service that offers all essential protective measures.

That ground hog may look cute, fluffy, and harmless, but as you've probably already seen, it can cause a problem in your yard. If you live in our New York service area, give us a call for fast, effective wildlife control. Wildlife belong in the wild and we can help them get back to where they belong.

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