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Hindsight is 20/20, isn't it? It is easy to see what we should have done, but not nearly as easy to see what we should do. If you were to give a sight measurement for foresight, what would it be? 60/60? 140/140? If you could know that in three years you'll find two walls in your home teaming with termites, would you get termite protection today? Of course you would! If you could see ahead into the future and see that you and your family will be fighting with flu-like symptoms through an entire winter because mice have moved into your home, would you get mice protection today? Absolutely!

The truth is you have no idea what will attack your home. You don't know if you'll have stinging insects flood into your living room during a birthday party; or if you'll find bugs in a pantry food product while baking a treat for an upcoming event and have to wonder how long you've been eating from that infested food. We don't know the future either, but we know one thing for sure, you're going to deal with pests if you own a home for any length of time. That is why it is important to have complete pest control.

When we set out to create a pest plan that would offer complete control of all pest pressures, it only made sense to put the word into the name. Our Complete Care Program does exactly what it says. It offers homeowners "complete" protection against all the many bugs and animals that can sting, bite, spread illness, damage wood, chew holes in insulation, sever wires and cause a fire, short circuit electrical boxes, get into stored foods, deface keepsakes, and more. It covers exterior treatments, interior service, exclusion installations, pest monitoring, and one of the most comprehensive warranties in the industry.

If carpenter ants encroach upon your home, they won't be allowed to chew galleries in your walls. If carpenter bees come to tunnel holes into your deck, patio, porch, stairs, or eaves, they won't get very far. When poisonous spiders come creeping up your walls, they will quickly realize they made a mistake; and if cockroaches try to squeeze their way in, they will regret that decision.

We don't know what pests will become a problem for you, but we are sure of one thing, complete service is the best way to protect your home and your family. If you live in the Capital District or the Adirondack region, get plugged in to Complete Care from Thomas Pest Services. Then you won't have to shrug your shoulders and say, "hindsight is 20/20." You'll have complete protection.

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