Common Problems With Rodents

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Most of us know that it is a bad idea to have rodents in our homes but few people truly understand why. Sure, it can be disturbing to walk into a room and find a rodent running along a wall, especially if it is a big, fat rat. But, being startled by a rodent is the least of the problems these animals cause when they venture inside.

  • The rodent that is walking around on your counters could be the same rodent you saw in the dumpster across the street. When rodents come into a home, they don't stay exclusively inside. They come and go as they please. And they can bring in filth from trash cans, dumpsters, sewer lines, compost heaps, and more.

  • The rodent you saw feeding on a dead animal in the backyard, could be the same rodent that has been leaving droppings in the back of your silverware drawer. You probably know this, but most cabinets are designed so that they can be accessed from behind. Mice and rats don't have to chew their way into your drawers. They can just climb in. When they do, they can bring in harmful bacteria picked up from dead animals and other decomposing things.

  • The rodent that slept in a bed of insulation up in your attic, soaked in its own fluids and feces, could be the same rodent that chewed that hole in your cereal box. That means you may be dealing with a food contamination issue.

  • The rodent that you heard bumping and scraping in your wall while you were trying to go to sleep last night isn't just keeping you awake at night. That rodent is also chewing holes to gain access to areas it needs to get to, and possibly chewing on wires in your walls. At best, your home is being damaged. At worst, you could end up with a house fire.

  • The rodent you saw scramble under the counter in the kitchen probably wasn't alone. Wild animals often carry parasites in their fur. And, while you're sleeping, those mice will care parasites like mites, lice, ticks, and fleas, to every corner of your home.

  • Those flea bites you're seeing may be a result of your mouse or rat infestation.

  • That nasty smell you're noticing in your attic is not isolated to your attic. Rodents leave their urine everywhere they go. If you're noticing that urine smell in your attic, be aware that you could have urine on food prep surfaces, plates, silverware, and other areas where you make and eat your food.

It is never a good idea to live with rodents. If you're seeing rodents in your New York home, contact Thomas Pest Services for our rodent control service. We'll help you get rid of those rodents and make sure no rodents remain.

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