Wildlife Removal In Three Steps

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Common wildlife species that are found living in the Albany area include: skunks, raccoons, squirrels, and bats. All of these wild animals should be making their homes outside in trees, in the ground, or under rocks. However, what often happens is that wild animals take a peek at your beautiful Albany home, decide that it should be theirs, and move right in with no questions asked! Many wild animals will take any opportunity given to them to take advantage of a free meal and free place to live; and really, why wouldn’t they? As a homeowner you need to be vigilant when it comes to wildlife species; and if ever a time comes when you have a wild uninvited guest, take action as quickly as possible!

Wildlife species are not just a nuisance; they can cause a lot of damages to your property and can carry some pretty serious diseases, including rabies. They have no problem making themselves right at home, creating their own entrances and exits without getting the proper building permits. Wildlife species like raccoons and squirrels will tear and chew their way into your home making entrances in roof eaves, around windows, in crawl spaces, and through vents; they may also decide to tunnel or dig and make themselves a home underneath your home’s foundation, deck, shed, or porch.

Once inside of your Albany home, wild animals will chew through the structural elements of your home - pipes, wires, drywall, flooring, and insulation. These animals aren’t potty trained and their urine and excrement will contaminate food, food prep areas, personal belongings, and introduce dangerous bacteria into your home. Also, as cute and cuddly as that raccoon looks in the corner of your attic, they definitely won’t be so cute and cuddly when they are biting and scratching at you out of fear and self-defense!

If at any time a wildlife creature decides to make their home inside or underneath your home, the best course of action is to call a wildlife control expert as quickly as possible! At Thomas Pest Services, we have professionals that are dedicated to the safe and humane removal of wildlife species from homes and properties. We accomplish wildlife removal in three simple steps:

  1. Inspection- Through a thorough inspection of your home and property one of our certified wildlife control experts will be able to determine what has invaded your home, where it is living, how it is getting inside, and how to remove it.

  2. Removal- We will implement a plan of action to effectively, legally, and humanely remove the wild animal(s) that have taken up residence inside of your Albany home. The removal process is usually accomplished through the use of traps, deterrents, or exclusion measures.

  3. Damage Repair- After identifying where the wildlife is getting into your house, we will put in place a plan to prevent future problems. We also have the means needed to clean up and remove feeding sites, nests, urine, and excrement from your home.

If you have an unwanted visitor living somewhere in your home, don’t put off getting help for another minute. Contact the Albany wildlife control experts at Thomas Pest Services today!

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