Is Professional Mosquito Control Right For My Home?

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If you like to enjoy your Capital District or Adirondack-area yard in the summer, then you’ve no doubt dealt with annoying mosquitoes. But what if there was an effective way to reduce the number of mosquitoes buzzing around your backyard functions and disturbing you and your guests this summer? Professional mosquito control might be the answer.

Why Mosquitoes are Difficult to Prevent Alone

Unlike pests such as rodents that can be trapped and removed, mosquitoes aren’t quite so easy to get rid of. They reproduce quickly wherever water is present. They come in large numbers. They are small. And they can fly. Repellents are often dangerous and ineffective. And bug-zappers are only good for killing male (non-biting) mosquitoes.

Factors that Make Your Home Attractive to Mosquitoes

While mosquitoes seem to be everywhere in the summer, they do prefer certain conditions. Mosquito eggs and larvae need water. So if you have pools, ponds, wetlands, improper drainage, or standing water on your property, you may be attracting mosquitoes. Adult mosquitoes also need places in which to rest and hide in hot weather. They prefer tall grasses and leaves which makes landscaping or transition areas of your yard ideal.

Ideal Situations for Professional Control

Even if you try to keep your grass short and if you remove all standing water on your property, there are still things you cannot control. Most people aren’t going to ditch their back-yard pool to prevent mosquitoes. You also can’t do anything about wetlands or streams or other natural bodies of water on or near your property. And even if you do make headway, you can’t control your neighbor's areas, so mosquitoes may still fly into your yard. For these reasons professional pest control is ideal.

Trust Thomas Pest Services for Mosquito Control

At Thomas Pest Service, we understand how mosquitoes live and breed. We target the areas around your home where mosquitoes are most likely to be resting and laying their eggs in order to drastically reduce mosquito populations. While there is no way to completely eliminate all mosquitoes from your Albany-area property, we can reduce their numbers significantly, thus allowing you to enjoy your yard nearly mosquito-free. Contact us today for service through the mosquito season or for a one-time special event treatment. Our technicians are ready to help you have a great summer in your back yard!

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