Bed Bug Eradication

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Bed bugs are a big problem in the state of New York. Not because we lack the proper knowledge to do effective bed bug eradication, but because our state is in the top 5 most visited states in entire country. More visitors mean more opportunity for these hitchhiking bugs to spread throughout our state.

The Problem with Bed Bugs in New York

Imagine, if you will, that it is possible to put a tent over the entire state and kill every single bed bug in one night. Then imagine you had a device that could see all the bed bugs in the world. What do you imagine you would see? That's right, you would see bed bugs coming by plane, boat, train, bus, cruise ship, taxi, and automobile. You'd see them beginning to appear in hotels, motels, resorts, cabins, and public areas. You'd also see them getting transported straight into homes by relatives and friends. You would then watch in horror as they breed and spread again. If you could do this, you would quickly understand the problem. The key to effective bed bug eradication isn't in improving the methods that kill bed bugs, but improving the methods we use to detect these bugs when they enter our state.

Personal Detection

Everyone in our state should know the following methods for detecting bed bugs:

  • Know how to identify these brown, rust-colored bugs. Bed bugs can be as small as the tip of a pen to about ⅙ as long as a dime. If they have not eaten, they will be oval in shape. After a blood meal they will appear more pill-shaped. The most notable feature of these insects is the horizontal indentations that run down their abdomen, which give them an appearance of lined paper.


  • When bed bugs infest, they will leave dark brown blood stains, feces, shed casings, and light brown urine stains. An inspection of sheets and pillowcases for blood stains, fecal streaks, skins, and urine stains is important while traveling, and it helps in the general protection of your home. It is also important to check mattress seams and corners for these signs of infestation also.


  • You should understand that bed bugs can infest upholstered furniture, backboards, baseboards, outlets, electronics, the edges of rugs, and more.

Professional Detection

Businesses can't afford to wait until a bed bug infestation takes root. That is why Thomas Pest Services offers fast, effective bed bug inspections to stop infestations before they begin to grow. Our on-staff entomologists have put together a bed bug action plan that works to discreetly stop bed bugs through accruate detection, protective mattress encasements, insect interceptors, and training measures.

If bed bugs have already taken root, we also offer the most advanced bed bug heat treatment option available. If you need effective bed bug eradication for your New York home or business, our team has the specialized knowledge and experience to get the job done right.

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