Why Termites Could Still Be Active Around Your New York Home

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It would make sense to think that insects and other nuisance pests die off during our cold, Upstate winters. Remember the weeks surrounding Christmas and the New Year's Day last year, when temperatures in the Albany area dropped below zero and stayed there for days on end? How could anything survive those temperatures?

But, if you think logically, you'll realize if everything died off in the winter, then pests would no longer exist. We know that isn’t true. So how do pests, including termites, stay active around your Albany home in the winter? Let’s take a look.

How Termites Thrive in Winter

Termites don’t function like humans. They can survive on very little food and will slow their activity level to a state of almost dormancy. In the cold winter months, they can continue with moderate activity in damp crawl spaces, basements, water-damaged walls, and moist attics. Termites may also live in pockets of dirt under your foundation.

Your Capital District or Adirondack-area home is generally warm enough due to your heat, as well as the heat that emanates from hot water heaters, warm pipes, boilers, and furnaces. These heat sources help termites survive. If they’ve already infested your home in the spring and summer, they can continue to tunnel and chew their way through your wood all year long. While these termites may not be breeding and forming new colonies during the winter season, they can definitely continue slowly destroying your home.

How to Prevent a Termite Infestation

Due to the threat of termites to New York homes throughout the year, residents can’t be lax in their termite protection. Termite treatment is not something you can have done one time in the spring or summer and hope that you’ll be covered for the rest of the year. Even if the termites in or under your home have slowed their activity to a rate that means they are barely moving, you don’t want them waiting there for the weather to warm up in the spring.

Our team at Thomas Pest Services uses a tested and proven termite system called Sentricon® System with Always Active™. This effective system works to stop termite infestations before they start by targeting termites who try to move into your turf!

The bait systems we use are monitored by our technicians, and works year-round to protect your Albany-area home. If you suspect a termite infestation or have questions, don’t hesitate to call us at Thomas Pest Services.

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