Why Spider DIY Control Often Fails

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There is a ton of information out there on the internet regarding do-it-yourself solutions for just about everything, though not everything on the web lives up to its expectations as is the case with spider control. DIY spider control sounds simple enough. You just have to kill off every spider you see, sprinkle some powder here, and spray chemicals there, right? Not so fast!

Here are some reasons why most DIY methods don't work for spider control.

  1. You may underestimate the size of the infestation. There are always many more spiders hidden away in your home than those you can see and as soon as you get rid of one spider, another one will relocate to that same spot, or they multiply and increase their populations.

  2.  You may underestimate how clever spiders really are at evading human detection. They can jump, drop, or dart away from you very quickly from you and hide in small cracks or crevices to avoid being eliminated.

  3.  You will most likely face the dangers of using the products improperly due to the plethora of information you need to read on the bottle. In addition, these pesticides may affect you, your family members, or your pets more than the spiders as these chemicals can be harmful to humans and animals, and the spiders may be able to avoid most of these DIY treatments.

  4. DIY spider solutions will only treat the symptoms, not the problem.

To prevent future infestations, the first thing you need to do is:

  • Block all entry points that are allowing spiders to enter your home; keep in mind spiders are small and can creep in through tiny spaces.

  • You will want to use caulk to seal every crack and crevice in your home’s foundation and exterior walls, as well as any gaps around your windows and doors. Installing door sweeps on all exterior doors can also be helpful in keeping spiders away.

  • It is also important to inspect the screens in all the windows and doors in your home and repair or replace any that are damaged or broken.

There are also a couple things you can do outdoors to deter spiders it is helpful to trim back trees and bushes away from your home and most importantly, contact a professional pest control specialist to ensure the complete elimination of all spiders.

Year-round home pest prevention services are the best answer to household spider problems. At Thomas Pest Control, our pest management professionals can eradicate spider problems in your home, big or small! Our Complete Care Plan works to rid your home and property of many common pests, including spiders! For more information, call us today at Thomas Pest Control in New York.

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