Where Are All These Stink Bugs Coming From?

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If you’ve ever wondered where stink bugs come from, you can thank Asia. Because that is where all those lovely little insects that are invading your home came from, originally. Stink bugs are more of a nuisance pest than a property-damaging pest, but that doesn’t make them any less of an annoyance! Stink bugs are an invasive species, meaning they are not native to America but have thrived and even posed a threat to the ecosystem they were introduced to because they have no natural predators here in the states.
As an occasional invader, stink bugs usually start invading homes at a specific point in the year when the outside environment is no longer in their favor. As the air cools around them, they flock to the warmest areas they can find, which is often the sunny-side on the exterior walls of your home. From here, they can find ways inside. Stink bugs typically find their way into homes through torn window screens, under doors, and through any cracks or gaps they find in the structure of your home. Once inside, stink bugs lose the ability to gage when spring weather has arrived and will become active in your home when they would usually remain dormant throughout the fall and winter months. Any stray sunny day that falls in the months of winter will rouse stink bugs, and you will see them flying about your home in an uncoordinated stupor.
While stink bugs do not pose any significant threat to safety or health, they do create a foul smell when threatened or squashed, which can be overwhelming if they invade in large enough numbers. Another liquid they secrete is capable of attracting even more stink bugs to your home, as well as staining furniture, clothing, walls, and upholstery.
Stink bugs usually choose to invade homes where other stink bugs have invaded in the past, or are currently invading due to the pheromone those stink bugs released when they found a cozy place to stay for the winter. These foul-smelling insects are also attracted to homes with lush gardens or other agricultural produce.
Getting into contact with a professional pest control expert is the fastest and most effective way to eliminate stink bugs from your home and prevent them from returning. Thomas Pest Control offers year-round pest control services, ensuring that you and your home are protected from pest invaders for every change of the seasons. Contact us today to request your free estimate, or for more information about how we can help you with our residential services!

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