NY Ranking High In Most Vermin-filled Cities

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What is the most pest-infested city in the United States? According to a U.S. Census done in 2013 and compiled in July of 2015 by Bloomberg News, New York City is the winner. In a ranking of 1 to 5, with 25 being the least number of sightings, New York came in number 1. There are a lot of things to be number 1 at, like baseball, places to eat, nightlife, but having cockroaches, mice and rats shouldn't be one of them.

Bloomberg admits that the data isn't complete. The survey doesn't include sightings in public areas like subways and sidewalks, and the data only contains 25 metropolitan areas, noticeably missing Dallas, San Francisco and Los Angeles, on this list. But the point of this article is whether or not New York is the number-1 most vermin-filled city in the U.S., but rather, how we can make The Big Apple shine again.

Rats, mice, cockroaches and other vermin are looking for food, shelter and water. If they can find these in abundance, they will be happy to multiply their numbers. It is up to all of us to resist this population explosion. Here's how you can help:

  • Keep your inside and outside trash sealed. Trash is a food source for vermin.
  • Keep inside and outside food sources secure. Put pantry items in hard plastic sealed containers. Put fruit in the fridge, not on the kitchen table or counters. Make sure your outside gardens are fenced in.
  • Inspect for entry points and seal them. A caulking gun is great for sealing small holes, until you can get those areas repaired. Larger holes will need a board or wire mesh.
  • Smaller vermin get in under your doors. Make sure all your door sweeps are in good working condition and, if you have a garage, make sure it seals properly.
  • Window screens deter all kinds of pests. Mice and rats are rodents. That means they chew their way into your home. Regular inspections are necessary to keep these pests out.
  • Some pests, like cockroaches, are impossible to keep out with natural deterrents alone. Consider partnering with a pest-control professional to have routine treatments. A pest expert will also be able to guide you in ways you can make your property less appealing to bugs and wildlife.

If you need pest control in New York, give us a call. Thomas Pest Services has been protecting health and properties since 1949 and is a proud recipient of the 2013 and 2014 Angie's List Super Service Award. Our commitment to excellence shows in how we educate our staff and how we treat our customers. Get effective vermin protection for your New York home by partnering with us here at Thomas Pest Services.

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