Carpenter Ants In Your Home? Call The Professionals

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Carpenter ants are a huge problem in many states around the country, as they burrow their way through the wood of homes wreaking havoc anywhere there is a wood supply. The stability of the structure of a home is at risk for bending and bowing, or worse yet, a total collapse. Carpenter ants are actually chewing their way through the wood leaving the sawdust behind, they do not actually eat the wood like termites do.

Huge colonies of these ants will nest outside your home. You will find them in, around and under wood sources, especially if these sources are moist and rotted. However, these pests will enter your home through cracks, crevices, vents, window and door frames and screens as well. They are looking for warmth, protection and more importantly food, making your home the ideal spot for relocating their colony or making a home base for themselves to supply their satellite colonies. These pests can have multiple satellite colonies, and be massive in population.

The carpenter ants nesting outdoors are the ones you can more readily find and eliminate with some DIY tips. However, the ones burrowing through the wood of your furniture, ceilings, walls, floors and structural beams are the ones that you will not have noticed until it is too late. By the time you suspect an infestation, damage caused by these pests can be severe. The infestation can quickly multiply if the problem is not addressed properly.

DIY solutions are only a temporary fix that does not always work and cannot solve the problem in the long term. Many products sold for the purpose of eliminating ants are dangerous to administer and are unhealthy for humans and pets. In a situation like this, it is much more efficient and cost effective to contact a pest control company in your area to eliminate the infestation and to keep these ants at bay for good. Pest control companies with a good reputation and highly experienced and professional technicians like Thomas Pest Services are the best solutions for any infestation. They are trained in all aspects of locating pests, eliminating pests safely and keeping your home clear of these pests in the future. Don’t wait for the damage to be done. To learn more about our carpenter ant solutions or residential pest control plans, give us a call today.

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