Are You Prepared For Spring Wildlife Infestations?

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Spring pests have always kept Albany exterminators busy with removal of ants, rodents, termites and other household pests. However, another Albany pest control need involves removal and management of wildlife.

Wildlife concerns commonly include pests like skunks, raccoons, squirrels, woodchucks and bats. Not only will these wildlife species cause irritating scratching and scurrying noises inside the walls of your home and in your attic, they can also cause expensive damage to the physical structure of your home. Wildlife coming onto your property and inside your home can transmit diseases and allow fleas and mites to be transported with them.

These animal pests are always looking for food and shelter and a place to build nests in which to raise their offspring. Food sources can include household garbage, dog or cat food or birdseed. In the event of wildlife infestation, the birdseed will need to be placed in wildlife proof feeders or perhaps temporarily removed.

Wildlife can be a safety threat to people and pets. They are notorious carriers of parasites, mites, fleas, ticks and diseases like rabies. There are some helpful tips to control and even prevent wildlife from infesting your property.

  • Properly identify the unwanted intruder. Knowing which wildlife your dealing with will help you develop the best strategy of control. (Sometimes the help of a pest professional is needed in instances where the pest is elusive and it's identification is not certain)

  • If wildlife is getting in your home you must find the points of entry and seal it off. Wire mesh or sheet metal can be used to close off openings.

  • Excessive squirrel droppings are sure signs that there may be an invasion of squirrels in your home. Keep tree limbs trimmed away from your house. Squirrel proof your bird feeders, as birdseed is always an attractant to squirrels.

  • Keep garbage removed from the property on a regular basis.

  • Cap your chimney and install mesh covers over all vents.

Thomas Pest Services is a family tradition that offers full service wildlife solutions. We use the most humane animal removal techniques available. At Thomas Pest Services, we realize that wildlife species are more than a nuisance; they can cause expensive damage to your property and belongings as well as becoming a threat to the health and safety of people and pets. Our licensed wildlife control professionals can inspect, remove wildlife and repair damages.


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