Clothes Moths

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clothes moth

What do clothes moths look like?

The two most common types of clothes moths are the casemaking clothes moth and the webbing clothes moth. They are a yellowish buff color with fringe on their edges; casemaking clothes moths have a red tuft of hairs on their head while webbing clothes moths do not. Mature larvae are white or cream in color with a brown head; the larvae do not have eyes.



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Are clothes moths dangerous?

Clothes moths are not dangerous to humans, but they will damage property. Clothes moths lay their eggs on fabric items like wool rugs, carpets and clothing, silks, upholstered furniture, comforters, blankets and furs. When the eggs hatch the larvae will feed on these items and cause damage by creating holes and bare spots in them.

Why do I have a clothes moth problem?

Clothes moths arrive by way of items made of natural fibers. Carpets, blankets, furs and old clothing are perfect examples of items that could be infested. They are also attracted to dark humid areas of your home, like attics, basements and closets; they will feed on items that are not stored properly.

How do you get rid of clothes moths?

If your closet has been attacked by clothes moths or you’ve noticed these pests elsewhere, please contact Thomas Pest Services for relief. Serving Albany and the Capital District as well as the Adirondack region, we are ready to help you get rid of clothes moths and other nuisance and damaging pests.

Clothes moth prevention tips

To prevent clothes moth from infesting your home or structure you should:

  • Maintain proper sanitation by regularly vacuuming and dusting to remove excess dust, hair, fur and debris.

  • Before storing garments and clothing make sure that they are clean with no remnants of food, dirt or other debris on them.

  • If possible store furs and other clothing garments in cold storage, below 40 degrees.

  • Keep the humidity levels in your home low.

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