Why Carpenter Ants Love Albany In The Summer

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While humans may come to Albany from all over the world to experience all that the state of New York has to offer, none of them come for the same reason carpenter ants do. Those ants aren't going to take in a Broadway show, visit the Empire State building, ice skate at Rockefeller Center, or walk wide-eyed around Time Square. They come to New York for the heat and humidity and, of course, all the rotted wood they can chew on. There is not likely one tourist who can make this claim. And, here in Albany, with the Hudson River to our East and the Mohawk River to our north, carpenter ants are just as happy--too happy, if you ask us. So today we're going to touch on a few tips for making those destructive ants a little less happy.

Carpenter ants prefer moist, rotting wood. If you have any in your yard, you're going to attract these ants. It's just that simple. Use these strategies to keep wood from becoming an attractant for carpenter ants:

  • Make sure your gutters are channeling water down and away from your home. When gutters get obstructed, it can allow rainwater to flood over the side and down your exterior walls. This isn't good for your home, and it is going to lead to conditions near your home that are perfect for carpenter ants.
  • During the winter, snow and ice accumulate on roofs, decks, porches, and other structures. Make sure that, when it melts, it doesn't create vernal pools next to your home or--worse--underneath external wooden structures.
    If you have flower or plant beds that are bordered by wooden objects, such as railroad ties, it is important to understand that you moisten these every time you spray water on your plants. Consider replacing wood borders with beautiful stones.
  • To help keep moisture to a minimum around your foundation perimeter, consider trimming some tree branches to let the sunlight in.

Some wood can attract carpenter ants even if it isn't wet. Consider these tips:

  • Leaves and twigs will lure carpenter ants in close. Make sure to keep things raked up.
  • Firewood, even if it is protected from the rain, will be attractive to carpenter ants.
  • The untreated wood of a fence, deck, shed, etc., could catch the eye of carpenter ants.

It is important to make your property as unattractive to these ants as possible. Follow this up with routine inspections. Our blog on identifying carpenter ant infestations should help. 

When it comes to guarding against destructive insects, it is always a good idea to lean on trained individuals who know how to ensure that your property remains free of carpenter ants. If you live in Albany or our New York service area, give us a call to learn more about our residential pest control services.

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