What rooms are most conducive to pests?

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Spring is a beautiful season in New York especially locally in Valatie, Saratoga and Lake George. As we hope all Aprils showers bring May flowers, warm weather also indicates the return of pests. Pests like carpenter ants, carpenter bees, mosquitoes, termites and ticks are just a few pests that enjoy New York's spring climate. As a Clifton Park homeowner, it is not unusual to encounter unwanted pests in your home. When finding these unwanted pests, eradication and preventing their return is important through proactive measures and routine maintenance service.

Like humans, pests need three things to survive: air, water, and food. Certain rooms in your home are more conducive pests due to the conditions and attractiveness, according to FOX news.

  • Kitchen/Dining Room - These two rooms are usually the biggest problem because of the abundance of two key ingredients: food and water. Most insects can be found in cabinets and/or pantry areas, thriving on the food staples housed there. If a pest can go two feet and have all the can eat and drink, why would he travel farther?
  • Bathroom - A dark, wet, and cool place away from the elements of the outside world. Again, they have plenty of moisture to survive and have found a place where they can nest and breed easily while being contained in an environment that provides what they need. Bathrooms can easily attract a multitude of species of insects, so it also becomes a feeding ground for most common species of spiders as well.

If you have detect any spring pests in your home or on your property, contact your Albany pest control company! Often DIY methods can spread or create a larger issue, while putting you and your family's health at risk. Wood destroying insects are serious and should be treated by an ant removal or termite removal specialist to effectively solve the problem. Contact Thomas Pest Services, your Albany County, Saratoga County and Capital Region pest control company for a free inspection today!

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