What Does Winter Pest Control Look Like?

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If you spent the time pest-proofing your home last fall, or you had the experts here at Thomas Pest Services do it for you, winter pest control is pretty simple. A good winter pest control program should include an inspection of attic spaces, basement areas, garage areas, as well as any sheds or storage areas you may have on your property. Limited pest control measures may be needed to address any problems that are found during this inspection. Sometime even if you did everything within your power to pest-proof your home, some pests may still sneak inside, especially if we have a mild winter like the one we are currently experiencing.

Most bugs and wildlife don’t hibernate, so pests can get into your house any time of the year. The way they do it is by exploiting vulnerabilities on foundation walls, gaps around plumbing and electrical wires, areas where moisture has done damage to the wood of your home, through door and window corners, eaves, soffits, your roofline, shingles, and even your chimney. Pests will look constantly to get into your home by any means possible, if your home has not had proper pest-proofing or that pest-proofing has failed, winter pest control can help stop the problem immediately.

If your home wasn’t ready for the overwintering pest invasion, your winter pest control service will look a lot like the services you are used to seeing. Our technician will inspect the affected area, determine appropriate protocols and execute the plan to assure that these overwintering pests are eliminated quickly and efficiently, like you accustomed to throughout the rest of the year.

At Thomas Pest Services, our team of educated pest specialists work to establish a pest-free ecosystem within your home and apply the necessary exclusion installations to keep pests out all year long. In winter, we're making sure that no overwintering pests are waiting to surprise you this spring, and monitoring pest pressures around your home. The last thing you need is a rodent and their family invading your home during a cold snap.

Pests never stop, and neither can your pest control efforts. If you don't already have Thomas Pest Services protecting your home spring, summer, fall, and winter, now is the time to start. The warm spring weather is about to bring "everything" back to life around your home. And all of the bugs and animals that stayed hidden this winter will be back out in force.

Your home is for making memories. It is your fortress of solitude, and place of rest. It shouldn't be a battleground. Let Thomas Pest Services give you the most amazing quality of life upgrade you've ever had. Give us a call today to learn more about our year-round pest control services today.

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