The Rodent Removal Process

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Not a creature was stirring not even a mouse! Well, that is what most Clifton Park homeowners and surrounding Capital Region homeowners hope for. Mice will always be potential problems for homeowners in our area. Mice are constantly breeding and trying to find ways to move themselves indoors.  Thomas Pest Services offers rodent control services and rodent exclusion to keep mice out!

So, what is the Thomas Pest Services rodent exclusion process?

  1. Inspection.

    We confirm the noises and droppings are indeed from rodents (and not bats, squirrels or other wildlife). Where and how are rodents entering the home.

  2. Rodent harvest.

    Capture live rodent activity inside the home. This will cut down on the sleepless nights due to pitter patter

  3. Seal entry points.

    Mice only need an entry point the size of the dime. Using high quality caulk, metal and other materials, Thomas Pest Services will seal rodents, wildlife and other insects out of your structure.

  4. Maintain with regular service.

    Thomas Pest Services offers several services and warrantees, encase rodents return, so do we!

Thomas Pest Services utilizes the most up to date technologies when it comes to rodent control.  Contact a professional and have mice safely removed from your structure. This is not a do-it-yourself pest. Mouse urine and feces contaminate food storage areas, and other areas. These areas need to be cleaned, and your home needs rodent control and rodent prevention services. 

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